Visitor Guidelines


Visitor Guidelines

Please see below for important information relating to your visit to Elevate The Community Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Elevate”). Return and Refund Policies can be reviewed here.

Facility Information

•     All individuals who enter Elevate building must follow all COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Government, Ministry of Health and Halton Region. As the restrictions are constantly changing, some COVID-19 related rules below may or may not apply at the time of your visit. Please refer to for up-to-date restrictions.

•     Elevate does not have any water fountains. Bottles of water can be purchased at the office, Home Court and/or Sweet Spot.

•     Elevate has one changeroom available for use. Showers are currently not accessible.

•     Elevate is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items that are left unattended in the building.

•     Confetti, piñatas, face painting, silly string or glitter is not allowed on the premises.

•     Elevate reserves the right to use photos, audio and/or videos taken at functions for future marketing and advertising purposes through online, broadcasting or print publication.

•     Organizer(s) assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at your event and for any damage done to any part of our premises during the time of your event.

•     Elevate staff has the right to refuse admission or ask individuals to leave if improper use of equipment, unsafe or disrespectful behaviour towards others or staff is witnessed.

•     Elevate is not liable for any sickness or injuries related to COVID-19 or any general physical injuries that occur in the facility.

Courts/Batting Cage

•     All guests are required to check in five minutes before their session begins. 

•     Elevate courts are unsupervised. Parent(s)/guardian(s) is responsible for the safety and safe use of any equipment for children under the age of 16 at all times. At least one adult must be in attendance to supervise each area while in use i.e. Organizer(s) must have at least one adult in the batting cage and one adult on the courts if both are being used at the same time.

•     Bringing in own equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, baseball bats, helmets, rackets, etc.) is highly encouraged due to COVID-19 and safety reasons. Elevate also cannot guarantee that equipment will be a proper fit for all attendees. Please note that there will be a $100 equipment replacement fee should the items that belong to our facility are not returned or returned damaged at the end of your session.

•      Participants must change into their non-marking INDOOR shoes before they enter onto the courts. Spectators must completely dry their shoes /boots before entering the court area. Upon exiting, please put on outdoor shoes/boots after you are off the court. Please note the below: a. For those renting Muggsy: Boots can be stored under the benches in the main hallway b. For those renting The Answer (Training Court): Boots can be stored under the bench in the hallway facing the court c. For those renting Black Mamba (Middle Court): Boots can be stored in Change Room # 2. d. For those renting King James (Top Court): Boots can be carried (after being wiped down) to the top of the court and set down on the sidelines where the tables are.

•     Food and beverage are only permitted on the sidelines of courts and batting cage area. Eating and drinking are not allowed on the courts, inside the batting cage or while in play. Chewing gum is not allowed at all within the facility.

•     All attendees must walk as close to the wall as possible when crossing courts. Please be respectful of plays occurring on other courts. Abiding by these rules will minimize any collisions and limit interruptions to other individuals or organizations.

•     Only one person is allowed inside the batting cage at a time when the machine is in use. If you choose to not use the virtual option then two people are allowed inside the batting cage. One for pitching and one for hitting and the pitcher must remain behind the barrier.

•     Organizer(s) should begin wind down 10 minutes before the end of their session to allow their guests to leave the courts safely and get to the dining part of your event on time. This will also help give staff sufficient time to complete sanitization and to install/take down equipment for Elevate’s next booking (when applicable).

Courts/Batting Cage Booking

•     In order to keep you and all of our guests and staff safe, each online booking will be “On-Hold” until it is approved.

•      Due to weather conditions outside of our control, our courts may lose their optional performance grip. If your party notices any concern where the courts are not safe to continue play, your entire party must cease playing and step off the court within the first 30 minutes of your booked session and seek assistance from one of Elevate’s Guest Associates to reschedule. To qualify for rebooking, your party must leave the premises. No compensation will be provided if your party stays for the entire booked time.

•     Courts and batting cage cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notice and is only accepted with a written notice. Refunds cannot be issued through our website.

Check-In Process

•      Courts and batting cage attendees must enter through the beige hut located at the rear entrance of Elevate. Parking spaces are available at the back of the building. Front entrance and parking spaces are only for Home Court, Sweet Spot and/or Fadeaway Barbershop customers.

Home Court/Sweet Spot

•     Elevate cannot guarantee that food we have on-site has not come into contact with allergens from the manufacturers or food suppliers we order from. While we make every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause reactions in people with food allergies and inform our staff on the severity of food allergies, there is always a risk of contamination. We encourage anyone who may need to use an Epi-Pen or other medication carry that with them at all times and do not consume any food products from our facility if the allergies they have is severe. Elevate will not assume any liability for adverse reactions.


•     A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the catering quote is required on the date of booking and will not be returned should the organizer decides to cancel the order.

•     Cancellations must be requested in writing via email 7 days prior to pickup date and the non-refundable deposit cannot be returned or transferred. The only exemption for transfer is if the cancellation reason is COVID-related. Cancellations within 7 days of the pickup date will be liable for the full billing payment based on final details submission.



•     Final details must be submitted at least one week before your pickup date at 12 noon (contact us for details). If your pickup date is scheduled on a weekday then it must be submitted on the Friday 2 weeks prior. Please note, we will not be able to revise your order after this time.

Event Booking

•     A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the function quote is required to secure the event date and time and will not be returned should the organizer decides to cancel the event. Cancellation requests must be submitted by email. Events cancelled within 7 days of the event date will be liable for the full event payment based on final details submission.

•     All prices are subject to a 15% service fee and applicable sales tax of 13%.

•     Events that begin with court or batting cage sessions must enter through the back entrance for check-in process (see Check-In Process below).

•     Elevate does not provide any assembly of décor items and cannot provide refrigeration.

•     Decorations are allowed to be set up 30 minutes prior to your 1-hour private use in the dining area as long as it does not interrupt business. Additional time may be allotted by management closer to the event date if there are no other functions booked prior to your event. (Extra fees may apply)

•     Event items are only to be brought in at the time of event as Elevate does not have sufficient storage space for all events. All decorations and belongings must be removed at the end of your function.

•     Decorations are not allowed to be attached to the wall, on the floor or hung from the ceiling that could cause damage i.e. adhesives that will leave markings or thumbtacks/pins that would puncture the wall. Damage fees may apply if we find any markings caused on the property during your function.

•      Final number of guests, meal options, setup preference (should space allow) and additional enhancement requests must be submitted one week prior to your event at 12 noon. (contact us for details). Should your event fall on a weekend then it will be due on the Friday one week prior to your event at 12 noon. We cannot lower the guest count or remove requested items after final details submission.

•      A waiver must be signed by all who are participating at your party. Please click here to go to our waivers page. You will receive an email upon submission and this confirmation must be shown at the Elevate reception desk upon entry into courts.

Summer Camps


The multi-sport camps are designed for children who are looking to get out and have some fun with physically active sports such as volleyball, pickleball, dodgeball, dance, soccer, basketball and more! 

House League Basketball:

Our house league basketball camp is for kids who have some experience with basketball and are looking to improve technique and fundamental skills. Participants will be guided by accomplished basketball trainers and a guest speaker. 

Important Information

Late pickup fees

  • For each 15 minute period after the ending time of camp, there will be a $10 late pick up fee.

Take Home

  • All campers will receive a water bottle and a drawstring backpack!

COVID-19 Expectations

  • We ask that if your child is ill, or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, that they do not come to camp.

 Questions? Please contact us