Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations


(see Food & Drink Rules & Regulations)

  • Cancellation policy is 24 hours. (See our Return & Refund Policies.)
  • In order to keep you and all of our guests and staff safe, each online booking will be “On-Hold” until our COVID-19 pre-screening is completed.
  • Elevate the Community Inc. is following all guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Ministry of Health and Halton Region.
  • Please bring your own equipment, e.g.:
    • basketballs
    • volleyballs
    • bats
    • hats
    • rackets
    • and water bottles, etc.
  • Currently during COVID-19 we are not renting out equipment, nor do we have water fountains available.
  • Protective face coverings must always be worn upon entry, exit, on the bench/chair and within the shared common areas. Should guests need to use the bathroom, they must do so wearing a mask. If a guest is not taking part in active play, a face covering must be worn. Failure to comply will result in either denied entry or will be requested to leave the premises.
  • It is the responsibility of the organization and all guests to follow all COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Government and Ministry of Health. (i.e. for basketball: no contact, no defence). Elevate the Community Inc. will not be held responsible for enforcing these guidelines with organizations and/or guests, however we reserve the right to ask that the organization and/or guest address any and all concerns raised for noncompliance. Failure to resolve said concerns may result in cancellation of future bookings.
  • Capacity per court is limited as per the Provincial COVID-19 framework, please check with Elevate prior to booking.
  • To support a safe court capacity and be available for clean-up and set-up for alternate activities (i.e. volleyball), we ask that guests using the courts to allow 10 minutes at the end of their session for guests to leave the premises safely and for staff to complete sanitization and to install/take down equipment for Elevate’s next guests (when applicable).
  • All guests are required to check in five minutes before their session begins by scanning a QR code (displayed on and beside the door entrance) before the use of Elevate’s facility. The QR code will redirect to a website where each guest is required to input their name and telephone number (for contact tracing) and to answer a COVID-19 questionnaire. Following this, an Elevate Guest Associate will verify check-in by asking each guest’s name at the point of entry.
    Note: this procedure is conducted upon each visit to Elevate; it is recommended guests bookmark the website and  cache the names and phone numbers for future use.
  • Elevate the Community Inc. must always adhere to the by-law of 50 guests (including coaches) in the building at one time in order to ensure Elevate the Community Inc. is keeping our guests and employees safe and allowing for social distancing. Therefore, NO spectators, parents or guardians are allowed. Parents and guardians may drop-off their child(ren) after check-in and wait outside after the  practice/session.
  • Change rooms are open, allowing guests to change and store their belongings.
  • Showers are not currently available.
  • Elevate the Community Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Change rooms can be locked if requested; please see a Guest Associate if needed.
  • Elevate the Community Inc. is not liable for any sickness or injuries linked to COVID-19 or any general physical injuries occurred at the facility.

Food & Drink

  • Refunds are not issued through our website. (See our Return & Refund Policies.)
  • Food and drink orders are ready for pickup between 15-30 minutes following the time of purchaseFor curbside pick-up, please call us at (289) 728-0744 upon arrival for directions and order status. Customers are also welcome to enter the facility to collect food orders. Note: Protective face coverings must always be worn throughout curbside pick-up interactions with staff, upon entry, exit and within the shared common areas. Should guests need to use the bathroom, they must do so wearing a mask.